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Hear from our customers
Hear from our customers

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Ads Feeling Forgotten?

When ad campaigns aren’t set up properly, aren’t managed closely or don’t have the website pages to support them, your money ends up in a digital wasteland. Pinpoint creates an ad structure that provides an ongoing, steady flow of leads. We think that’s game-changing

Our Process

Ads Setup

Improper setup of ads accounts is often the culprit of poor performance. Pinpoint focuses on this crucial stage to ensure your ads have a solid foundation

Ads Strategy

A good plan is essential. We get to know your business so we can make the best performing strategy that will outperform your competitors


Closely tracking your customers’ journey gives us all the data we need to eliminate any bottlenecks that might be holding you back from generating more leads and sales


Competition is tough out there. We get more creative with your ad campaigns so that you get noticed and end up on top

Ads Management

This is where we make you shine. More hands-on management means more testing, more opportunities and better conversions. “Set and forget” is not part of our vocabulary

Realtime Reporting

Pinpoint create real-time dashboards so that you can check on any aspect of your performance whenever you want to. Good data means good decisions, means good business

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