Case Study


Meccanico is a specialised syncronised jacking and load transfer company who are backed by engineers who can navigate technical lifting with precision. The highly experienced team use a custom-built, one-of-a-kind system capable of lifts over 6000 tonnes.

The Project

Meccanico has lifted an array of buildings and infrastructure throughout New Zealand. From Britomart Tunnel walls and Northern Expressway Overbridges to Vic University Library Building and Auckland City Highrise Hotel Pools


Pinpoint has worked with Meccanico through a full website redesign and a messaging review. One of the tasks was to look at a slogan for the company. With the owner’s family Maori heritage in mind, Pinpoint began researching Maori proverbs and sayings that could summarise Meccanico’s impressive ability to execute heavy, technical lifting and what they stand for as a company. Once we discovered Pou Whirinaki, it was an obvious fit for the company. The meaning of Pou Whirinaki is “Pillar of Support” and “Dependable People”

Pinpoint created an eye-catching video of the work they had conducted for the home page of the website. This included timelapse and drone, work photos and team shots.

Pinpoint is in the early stages of increasing the company’s visibility through on and off-page SEO for specific keywords. We are seeing a lift in website traffic post-migration of the new website.


Increase in Search Engine Rankings


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Click-Through Rates


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